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Giovanni the Master Roaster

I’m Giovanni and I run the coffee roaster in Naples. I personally taste every batch to ensure we maintain our coffee top standard. I roast and blend to the traditional recipe to preserve our family reputation. We personally visit our suppliers to select the beans. I love making friends and having good time there, they let me feel part of the family. Quality is a matter of trust and partnership too.

Floriana & Sergio

We are Floriana & Sergio. We have been living in England for many years and we are on a mission to bring you high quality coffee from Italy. … and not to be missed! Look at Floriana’s Recipe page and blog, feel free to leave your comment!
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Coffee in Naples

Neapolitans have loved coffee for centuries. People used to roast coffee in the ‘bassi’, the typical ground floor homes in the dark lanes, completely open to the street. Passersby were enchanted by the aroma coming from these shops, which mingled with the sweet scent from the pastry shops.
“Il caffè” represents more for the Neapolitans than just an aromatic and stimulating beverage. It symbolizes Naples like the Vesuvius or the pizza, and it is the symbol of friendship and sociability. People like to offer it to guests, have it during a little break, in a bar, or after dinner with the family.
A Neapolitan is generally very critical when it comes to judging a coffee. It is said that Naples has the best Italian coffee, even though “de gustibus non disputandum est” or “in matters of taste, there can be no disputes”.

Our Beans

We have a special relationship with our suppliers, we respect them and we pay them a fair price. They know that ultimately is not about volume but quality, they prune the trees to maximise the bean aroma.
They regularly fertilize the soil with organic manure, and plenty of fresh water is used all year long to keep the plants healthy.
From the Colombian Triángulo del Café 1800m above sea level, Mount Satima foothills in Kenya and the famous Brasilian Minas Gerais hills we source only the highest quality beans.
The distinctive properties of these varieties, are then expertly blended to give our coffee full body and special aroma. Hand-picked and selected, we use only fully ripe beans.

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